Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

In today’s digital era, traditional business cards may seem obsolete. But you’d be surprised to learn about the professional factor still associated with conventional business cards.

Even today, business cards have a better impression than digital cards as they are the easiest and the fastest way of sharing your contact information and business terms with other professionals.

A traditional business card will save your connections if you don’t want your business connection to get lost in the myriad of social profiles on LinkedIn. That is probably why business cards are still relevant in the modern day. 

Are Business Cards a Thing of the Future?

Many people consider business cards a part of the past. With the invention of digital business cards, traditional cards are losing value and relevance to some extent. To many, conventional business cards are redundant and a waste of paper. 

But people forget that businesses require more professionalism than convenience. For example, professionally exchanging your contact info needs you to have printed business cards.

But the modern digital world of interconnected virtual personas utilises digital business cards. So before you learn about the relevance of traditional business cards, let us learn about digital cards. 

Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards are an effortless way to share your business details with other professionals. Various digital business card apps let you design your cards to connect with other companies.

Some layouts let you add your picture and business terms. Some modern apps also allow you to create video profiles.

You can attach these digital business cards with your PDFs and other documents. Such cards effectively share your information with one tap on your smartphone. 

Digital business cards are user-friendly and more convenient than traditional business cards. In addition, these cards are free of typos.

They also save paper wastage and are also free of printing delays. If you want your business cards urgently, you can create digital cards to conveniently share your information. 

How Does a Digital Business Card Work?

Digital business cards require very minimal space on your mobile phone. Once you download a card-creating app, you can design your business card or consult a professional service.

They will share your digital business card via email, QR code, or text message. Similarly, you can share this business card with other professionals.

When someone clicks on your business card’s shared link, it opens in their default browser. Therefore, the person does not need anything specific to access the card. This dramatically increases the chance of generating more leads as other businesses can effortlessly pass on your business contact.

Traditional Business Cards vs Digital Business Cards

The effectiveness and simplicity of digital business cards are debatable. They might be a tech-savvy solution for sharing business contact, but traditional business cards still have a more professional touch.

About 68% of small business owners consider business cards to be “very impactful.” Traditional business cards are the fastest, most effective, and straightforward way of sharing contact details.

Moreover, you can use them in any situation. You can also hand your card to your employees, who can share it with others.

Also, traditional business cards cut to the chase by simply providing a person with your contact details without you having to ask for their email address or mobile number to share your details. 

How Are Traditional Business Cards Still Relevant?

When you meet someone at your business meetings or bump into professionals, the most unprofessional thing is scrambling through a bag to look for a piece of paper and pen. Therefore, traditional business cards help cut to the chase as you can immediately hand them to a potential client which looks more professional.


Many people prefer to use digital business cards. But imagine taking out your smartphone to share a business card with various people at a trade meeting. Also, your phone battery doesn’t last forever, which can make you lose a potential client.

If you want to share your contact details in a professional business setting, you should hand out your traditional business card, so you don’t look ill-prepared.

Whipping out your business card not only makes you come off as professional but also establishes an impression that you know how to build connections. In addition, it indicates that your time holds value.

Besides this, business cards don’t only carry your name and number but also have a logo representing your brand. Therefore a traditional business card demonstrates that you have put effort into establishing your business by creating a brand image. All of these elements represent your business’s professionalism.

Direct Marketing Tool

Brand reinforcement and marketing are clever strategies for your business. However, nothing is better than directly handing your prospective client a printed business card.

This excellent way of instantly introducing yourself creates a platform for you to share your business details and hold a conversation.

If your traditional business card is cleverly designed, the recipient will immediately get to know about your company, social media addresses, and direct contact details to proceed with business terms. 

Thus, a traditional business card is an effective and direct marketing tool in the business industry. 

Builds Brand Image

Do you want to make your first impression stand out among prospective clients? Then, hand them a thoughtfully designed professional business card to share your contact details.

A relevant business card effectively builds your brand image by creating an excellent first impression. When you meet your prospective clients face to face, it’s best to swap information via a traditional paper card to keep the business setting professional.

Moreover, high-quality business cards carry your brand image and contact details and represent your business. Therefore, you must only seek professional card designers and choose a decent material for your business cards as it will help you stand out when you share the card at the end of meetings and conferences. 

Adds a Personalised Touch

Swapping contact information using your mobile phone on the spot seems convenient, but it doesn’t add a personalised touch to your business venture.

It also prevents you from having an intellectual conversation when you’re busy sharing contact details via smartphones. Therefore, a traditional business card lets you instantly swap contact details without using your cell phone.

When you create a personal connection with prospective clients, it helps convert them into potential buyers.

Moreover, sharing contact details via traditional business cards encourages you to hold a conversation when you have face-to-face interactions. This way, a personal touch proves better than convenience. 

Memorable Takeaway

Business cards are direct first-hand interactions with a prospective client or a valuable associate.

Your business card is the only item your clients take away with them at the end of a business meeting, conference, or trade fair. This card is a physical reminder of you and your business which convinces the client to contact you after the business networking.

Without a physical business card, you’ll be lost in the myriad of social profiles shared at trade conferences. Therefore, you must leave the business networking meetings after leaving a memorable takeaway for prospective clients. 

You Can Leave The Cards Anywhere

You can leave a handful of business cards anywhere when you print them. For example, when you walk into a store, you can ask them to display your business cards.

But if you share your contact details with a digital business card, you’re less likely to attract more customers. Business cards prove to be more convenient as you can leave them anywhere.

Moreover, you can always carry extra business cards in your wallet to instantly exchange contact info when you come across other professionals. Thus, business cards work best as they are the fastest way of exchanging contact details.

Generate Leads

Did you know that sharing business cards increases sales by 2.5% for every 2000 business cards shared? Unfortunately, when you immediately share your business details via a digital card, people aren’t that likely to contact you.

However, when you leave them with a physical business card, they often look into your business services and products later to make a call whenever they need you.

Giving someone a traditional business card provides them with an open opportunity to consult you anytime.

In addition, if you mention your business website on your card, prospective clients can visit the link to look into your products and services. This will increase traffic to your online website.

Besides this, they can always call you for consultation. Therefore, traditional business cards prove more successful in generating business leads. 

Final Words

Business cards may have been around for years and will be a part of the future because of their impactfulness. Professional business cards help build a good first impression as they are a formal way of displaying your business status at trade fairs, conferences, and meetings.

Nobody likes rummaging through their bag to find a piece of paper and pen to share contact details. And sometimes, your phone’s battery may bail out on you when you share digital business cards. Keeping a handful of professional business cards can help you avoid such situations and improve your impression. 

You now know that business cards are still relevant. Are you ready to pick out a Business card? Check out our hand-picked cards by Occupation or Design.